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Please let us know what you thought of your day with West Country Farm and Food Tours.


After our VIP Day members of the local councils, tourism industry and services had the following to say:


"Fascinating insight into the hard work and dedication of our local food producers" - Karen Mills, West Somerset District Council Economic Development


"Totally unique experience; time spent with people passionate about their produce" - Allan Day, Fleet Manager , Ilfracombe Community Transport


"Brilliant idea. Something totally unique. A really interesting and informative trip" - Ruth Hyett, Porlock Visitor Centre


Our clients had this to say when asked what their favourite part of the day was:


"Speaking to the farmers about their passions and seeing how differently they work to produce food and products - I enjoyed the whole day!" Clarissa


"I enjoyed the whole programme - the contrasts were most enjoyable. Well done - a great day." Sara


"The whole day was so interesting and informative. Each farm was so dedicated and diverse, impossible to choose a favourite. As a new business you have made an excellent start. Thank you very much for a lovely day - and all the planning and hard work starting this business" Sue


"Loved the different visits. A real 'memory' day. Brilliant all day" Denise


"I enjoyed all of the visits." Liz


"The fish farm as it was a subject I knew nothing about." Jenny


"Eating a delicious lunch in the garden of the tea room by the river." Holly
















© Stephanie Worrall