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Our Ethos





When we talk to people about our business, we often receive comments relating to our enthusiasm and passion. We thought you might like to know why we do what we do.


1) We really enjoy seeing the enthusiasm of our tour guests when they learn something new or taste something delicious.  We enjoy receiving feedback from our host farmers and food producers - especially when they’ve opened someone’s eyes to something they didn’t know existed. Seeing our group purchase produce direct from its source knowing they will enjoy eating it later really makes us smile.


2) We get to spend the day travelling around the stunning countryside of the West Country, along country lanes and visiting locations that are not open to the general public. For our guests who don’t know the area or who don’t like narrow lanes with high hedges, we take away the stress of reversing or getting lost and replace it with comfort, companionship and commentary.


3) Food. We like food - especially locally produced food. One of the most important elements of a day out with us is our lunch stop. Sometimes we will head to a café, tea room or pub, other times one of our host food producers will provide a light lunch at their location. We can also make use of suppliers to create tasty picnics that we can enjoy wherever we choose.


4) We see ourselves as a link bringing together suppliers (farmers and food producers) and consumers (our tour guests). We might visit a farm to learn about their beef production, but our guests will leave knowing there are idyllic holiday cottages and a camp site there too. Our group will learn where products can be purchased in the future too, such as local farmers markets or on line.




If any of these reasons resonate with you, let us know. Whether you are a farmer, food producer, accommodation provider or restaurant owner we would love to work with you. If you’re none of the above, come on a tour – we would really like to see you!


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